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Brenda Mazzaglia- Integrity Labrador Retrievers -307 E Ricker Rd Loudon NH 03307  (603) 432-0811  text is best  ----   --Please do not e-mail we do not respond, just an auto respond. Please text or call.

We specialize in breeding Black, Yellow and Chocolate English Labrador retrievers. We breed from AKC parents.  Sorry we do not and will not breed our girls or our studs for trend colors that are not purebred labradors.

We occasionally have puppies available. They would be listed on the Litters due page of this web site. We concentrate on producing good quality, easy to train, family pets - show dogs - hunting dogs - all a lab can be! Purebred Labrador retriever puppies. All of our puppies are raised with much TLC and socialization to integrate easily into any lifestyle. Pups have their first set of shots, NH health certificate, and are wormed before they leave our home. For details of our puppy placement policies, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and read all the info.

We keep pick of the litter for showing and breeding and the rest are sold as family companions.

Each year brings about changes in the way we place puppies, also because of the great demand for our quality and type of Integrity Labrador pups. We are attempting to make the sharing of information easier for both parties. When inquiring about puppies, we ask you to be as clear with us about what you expect from and for your puppy, as we will be making ourselves equally clear. Before placing your name on a list with us or purchasing a puppy, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Does everyone in the home really want a dog?
  • Can I afford to keep a dog, considering all veterinary bills, food bills, boarding fees etc?
  • Do I have the time and patience to spend on training and exercising a dog?
  • Will the dog fit well into our lifestyle and home?
  • if you are renting you must check with your landlord first and get permission, only a wise suggestion.

Please understand that a puppy is made up of endless energy, and Labrador puppies are very well known for their ability to reconstruct your yard and chew just about everything they come into contact with. I usually tell people they are like kids, the more time you put into/with them when they are pups, the better dog you will have later.

Don't make the mistake of buying ANY puppy on impulse. It could be the worst mistake of your life, and cost you and the puppy months of sorrow. A puppy is a cute little bundle of fur. A Labrador is only a cute little puppy for a few weeks. Very quickly it becomes a big teen-age dog who has a great sense of humor and boundless energy. Do not expect a Labrador to be a mature dog for two to three years. Do expect to spend a good amount of your time trouble shooting many "growing-up" issues, including training and every day living with your Labrador.

Our puppies can go home with AKC Limited Registration when papers are requested at the beginning of our process. I am finding most people only want copies of the parents AKC pedigrees and do not care to have to register a puppy used as a companion,  And they also go home with a Spay/Neuter agreement. Briefly,If you desire limited puppy papers, this registration was made available by the AKC to assist breeders in preventing the breeding of the puppies they produce. All too often these pets are bred, producing litters of puppies for their new owners who have neither the education required to make good breeding choices, nor the understanding of the risks involved. Those of us who love our breed want to stop the irresponsible breeding of these pet dogs. This was the tool that the AKC provided to breeders. Most, if not all, reputable breeders now use the Limited Registration option. A Limited Registration still allows you to show in obedience, agility and hunting events. Your pup is still AKC registered with this type of registration.

Puppies are not televisions. They are not manufactured in a plant or assembly line. They cannot be tested in a laboratory, or inspected for quality. They are living beings, created through two other living beings, none of which are perfect. The only thing we as breeders can do is test the parents for disorders and only breed dogs who are clear of these problems and the only clearences that are the most accurate are all these DNA test they have available. our intropage has a list of all the DNA testing we do.  Bad things can, and do, happen to good dogs. The chances of these "bad things" can be a million to one, if things are done correctly that doesn't mean it won't happen. There are no guarantees in Life or Breeding. We try our best as breeders, but there is so much that the individual who has the pup contributes to the success and health of the puppy. 

As a new puppy owner you need to learn what activities are appropriate for a puppy, what food will contribute to proper growth, and what the necessary veterinary care is. These are issues the new owner is responsible for investigating, they are important because they contribute to the lasting health of your dog. Pups leave our home at 8 weeks of age with a health certificate, first shots and wormed. We also include a boat load of information and a small bag of puppy food.