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Our Goal

Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with outstanding temperament for show conformation, and for family pets & family members. All of our breeding stock has proper breeding Certifications.  We have puppies available and sometimes older dogs as well.

We do the absolute best we can to produce quality dogs. Hopefully you agree.

Personal Note: Buying A Puppy!

Know your pet

Whenever you decide to purchase any type of family pet horse, dog or rodent, please take the time to learn about what are their needs (i.e. grooming, excersises, feed, amount of space needed. etc.).  Each animal, or breed, has there own problems and you need to research the breed or type of animal you are interested in. A great place to start is the history of the bred and why it was bred in the first place. This will tell you so much about your future pet and if this pet is right for you.

Does the breeder at least own the mom

mom must be there, Is the mother on the premises? Do Not purchase a pup if the mother is not there.  some people just go buy a litter of pups and resell them. Not knowing any history of the lineage.  They may have used an out side stud/dad and that is fine. Unfortunately these days they have changed the way we do things most of these pages were written 20+ years ago. there are so many diseases and stuff the pups can catchthat we have stopped any visiting.sorry but these days I would go by referals most of my customers are return or refered by others. 

Please, don't buy a Pup on the Internet

Do not buy a pup off the internet. Don't get me wrong the internet is a great tool to let you see the animals, the facility, even get a feel of the breeder. I like people to see my web site first to make sure they even like my dogs, my rules, my facility or the feel they get from my web site. But this still does not replace a visit.

Registry Matters

Not that most people want to send in the AKC papers I get it is just your pet no need for the papers but you should get a copy of both parent AKC papers.

Make sure both parents are AKC registered! Not just some Pet Registry or other weird registry or Association. They even have Associations for unregistered dogs..wake up... AKC is The Dog Registry.

Remember, AKC inspects their records, the parentage, identification and the facility. A pup from AKC registered parents is just one more type of help for the buyer. Even if you decide not to send in your pups papers make sure the parents are AKC registered. Bad places are getting away from AKC to these other registries, because AKC is trying to keep the Integrity of the breeds with DNA testing and Inspections. Buyers this is a help to you. You must realize that! Although AKC does not get to every facility they always encourage calls or complaints about record keeping, any foul playing, to make them aware of facilities they were unable to visit. But they still do effect these kennels with the required DNA testing and other rules. So, An AKC registered Dog is a good part of the insurance and using your judgement is the big part. Judgment, not your heart and most of all not the need to have a dog yesterday or for a birthday or Christmas. Rember you a picking a life long friend a new member of your family. a quality dog should at least start with AKC papers.

A lot of people who are getting away from AKC are doing it probably because they lost there AKC privileges, Yes AKC does suspend peoples privileges, although they probably won't tell you that.... and if the dogs are not AKC registered there is no way they are showing them at AKC Dog shows. So they are probably not even showing. Listen as people talk see what they are really telling you. it's awful but you have to be careful.

Another good thing to check into is to see if they belong to any Breed or all breed clubs. Often But not always. These Clubs have a code of ethics for their member breeders to sign. Also if they are involved with a notible club they do not want to loose the respect of other breeders.

NOTE: These dog clubs and AKC can not be held responsible to Individual Dogs. Individual dogs are not examined by these clubs or AKC. Buyers should be certain to check all matter relating to AKC papers, Health, and quality, with the breeders before making any decisions. they should have all the paper work to show you. You must be a safe and smart shopper.

Non-certified health tested parents, Why does it matter?

So many people have stated to me, all these test and DNA test “What does it matter, I’m not showing the dog, it’s just a family pet!” Your wrong, it does matter! Do you want a healthy pet? No matter what the breed is; Hip, eye, elbow, heart,  and any other type of exam specific to that breed are extremely important. Each breed has there own problems and you need to research that for the breed you are interested in. Breeders do these exams, not just for fun, or to spend more money, but to improve on weak areas. This is the same reasons breeders examine their dogs for conformational faults. This takes a lot of planning on the breeders part and whatever the case maybe, you can tell the difference between pets that are purchased from breeders vs. store bought pets or the latest "pet brokers." . Be Carefull get to know the person who is breeding and raising your pup for 8 weeks and also making all the perental decisions.

Get educated first! Don’t be spontaneous in a pet store or pet broker ! Yes, they may have pups before a breeder. Because your Breeder is carefully planning the next litter, not calling in an order! these are living, Breathing future family member. Think about what you are doing, don't think oh I am helping it, No you are incouraging them to continue this Milling of animals they probably have no history on wether it be health or temperment or clearences.. Be a smart shopper! Be proud of your family pet!

They should also be able to provide information for new dog owners. They should be accessible to you after you have the pup home with you. You should be able to fill in AKC papers when you pick up your pup.

AKC Limited Registration

Our puppies all go home with AKC Limited Registration, upon request for papers on pick up day or before only. Briefly, this registration was made available by the AKC to assist breeders in preventing the breeding of the puppies they produce. All too often these pets are bred, producing litters of puppies for their new owners who have neither the education required to make good breeding choices, nor the understanding of the risks involved Those of us who love our breed want to stop the irresponsible breeding of these pet dogs. This was the tool that the AKC provided to breeders. Most if not all reputable breeders now use the Limited Registration option. A Limited Registration still allows you to show in obedience, agility and hunting events.Your pup is still AKC registered. Yes, your pup is AKC registered. Again, this (a limited registration) is a hint of a breeder who cares what happens to the pup when it leaves there home..

Spay & Neuter Agreement

There are numerous benefits of performing this surgery at 6 months of age or when your ver recommends. An unspayed female is subject to mammary cancer and pyometra (an infected uterus), which is definitely life threatening. Spaying/Neutering is performed under a general anesthetic and is easy on the young dog. As you might expect it is a little harder on the older dog. Neutering the male at a young age will inhibit some characteristic male behavior that owners frown upon. I have found my boys will not hike their legs and mark territory if they are neutered as six months of age. Unneutered males are at risk for testicular cancer, perianal fistulas, perianal tumors and fistulas and prostatic disease. Neutering is part of the preferred treatment for all gender-related medical conditions. Overall, spaying/neutering will make your pet more even-tempered and highly trainable.Be responsible .

There is so much more to finding a pup , rather than just paying for a pup , But the work doesn't even stop there pups are alot of work. please read my must read page also.

Hope this Helps. Again this my opinion.